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Why Children's Dentistry Is Different

Feeling unsure about the differences between children’s and adult’s dentistry? Wondering if finding a family-oriented dentist for your kids’ oral healthcare is really that important? 
Your kids’ health is a top priority. But when it comes to oral healthcare, a good dentist is a good dentist, right? Considering the differences between children’s and adult’s dentistry, maybe not…
At minimum, all dentists will have had some training with pediatric dentistry in school. But that doesn’t mean any dentist would be the best choice for your family. Kids have different dental needs than adults, making a children’s dental specialist or family dentist important. Kids definitely have unique needs when it comes to making them feel comfortable at the dentist; this is where pediatric and family dentists really shine! 
When you’re choosing gentle dental care in Howell, Michigan for your family, imagine not only being confident in the quality of care, but also being sure your dental team is trained and experienced in helping your kids have a positive experience that could impact the health of their smiles for years to come! That’s the difference a family-oriented practice with experience in children’s dentistry can offer. 
To better understand the value of family-oriented dentistry, consider some of the key differences between children’s and adult’s dentistry:
  1. Different Age, Different Dental Needs
    The prevalent oral care priorities for kids and adults are very different. Adults have more issues related to long-term wear on teeth. While kids experience the occasional cavity, in their dental visits it’s more crucial to learn the techniques and importance of oral hygiene. No matter how well they clean and repair, if that’s all your dentist does, your kids won’t be getting the most out of their time at the office. 
  2. The Right ‘Tude
    A good attitude about the dentist goes both ways. You want your kids to have the right outlook about visits to the dentist and oral health in general. More importantly, you want a dentist with the right attitude to foster this outlook in your kids. That means you want a dentist who uses the right language to engage, inform, and not overwhelm a child. Demonstrating excitement is also a key quality for your kid’s dentist and the office staff in general. This kind of attitude and care can rub off on your kids and help them learn to care for their teeth for life. 
  3. Matters of Environment
    We all know how important environment can be in helping us feel comfortable. The environment at the dentist office can either work to alleviate some of your kids’ anxiety right off the bat or make them feel more uncomfortable. You’re looking for a space with more than a few toys in the waiting room, here. Offices that have a warm décor, maybe with a few youthful touches, no breakable furniture or knick-knacks, and an exam room exclusive for the kids are some of the boxes you’ll be looking to check. If kids can enjoy themselves in the office rather than be glued to your side with nothing to do or look at, they’ll feel better about being there. 

Think Dr. DiStefano for Gentle Dental in Howell, MI!

With a team of dental experts who have extensive experience working with kids and their unique needs, our goal is to make your kids feel confident and comfortable. As a family dentist office, we can conveniently meet the needs of your entire brood. 
Your kids deserve more than quality dental care; they deserve a dentist who knows how to care for kids! Give us a call today if you have questions about children’s dental care or to set up an appointment with gentle dental experts in Howell, MI today.   
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