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“Looking back, there is no question that this was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Six years ago, I drove an hour to see a dentist that my daughter had insisted would help me with my headaches. I was a skeptic. Thirty years of visiting doctors and clinics that claimed great success, somehow I was always in the small group, the unsuccessful one.

At this new dentist's office, the first person I met was Sunshine. Was it a good omen that his assistant was blessed with this name? My “false hope” antennas went up. Dr. DiStefano greeted me and listened to my history of migraines. Years later, I would reciprocate and listen to his golf stories.

Returning to his office a week later with transcranial x-rays of my jaws, Dr. DiStefano took an amazing amount of time explaining to me what was causing my migraines. He told me that he could help me and that he wouldn’t quit until I was out of pain. Driving home, my skepticism at bay, I decided to try — one more time.

When he said that he would be by my side until I was pain free—he was. In addition to my TMJ, I needed extensive work on almost every tooth in my mouth. His work was exceptional and he never forgot to make sure that my experiences were as painless as he could make them.

Dr. DiStefano has made it possible for me to enjoy my life to the fullest without a constant worry that the migraines would return. This testimonial is my way of saying, thank you.

In an effort to provide full disclosure, my golf game did not improve as a result of working with Dr. DiStefano.

“Try them, you won't be disappointed.”

My family and I have been treating with Dr DiStefano for almost 30 years. In addition I have referred countless clients over the years to their practice. I can't say enough in support of this dedicated group of professionals and their amazing staff. This is pain free dentistry in a state of the art facility."

“I just cannot put it into words my appreciation and respect that I have for Dr. Gary Di Stefano.”

My life used to be filled with uncontrollable headaches, nausea, vomiting and facial pain for over 40 years. This started when I was only 10years old. I sought the care of all different kinds of specialists, dentists, treatments and multiple medications. My medical bills were unbelievable. Daily I truly didn't know how my day would unfold andwhat symptoms I would encounter. This TMJ rollercoaster was exhausting and I started to wonder if I would ever get the correct diagnosis and care that I needed.

I will never forget the day when I met Dr.Gary DiStefano DDS. Within minutes of meeting Gary told me the correct information about my long term condition that had been misdiagnosed by countless others. No one truly knows how that hopelessness feels unless you have walked that very dark and long road. I was thrilled beyond words to hear what he had to say. Tests were ordered and a plan was set into motion. He listened; he cared and continues to care. His staff also reflects that same mindset.

TMJ not only affects the facial muscles and bite occlusion but your entire body as well. Gary also directed me to Dr. Barbara Briner DO who worked side by side with him in bringing balance to my entire muscular and skeletal system. I have received so much benefit through this total body approach. After a series of mouth splints that gently balanced my dental occlusion I am finally on the home stretch. Each treatment is specialized to meet the needs of each patient. I'm presently in my final phase of correcting my bite by rebuilding my dental occlusion one tooth at a time.

I am now living completely pain free and enjoying a healthier life for which I will be eternally grateful. Dr. Di Stefano and his staff always went out of their way to care for me and made me feel just like family.

Gary always has a smile on his face and he gives me his undivided attention. I am finally able to experience life at its finest. My entire life has been turned around and I will forever be grateful to the Lord for directing my steps and placing me into Dr. Di Stefano's outstanding care!

“I am deeply grateful to Dr. DiStefano and his amazing staff for all of their time and efforts in treating my condition.”

After many years of symptoms due to TMJ and sleep apnea I took my daughter’s advice and made an appointment with Dr. DiStefano. My history included chronic headaches and the unsuccessful use of a CPAP machine. After a thorough exam and a detailed explanation of his treatment plan I knew I was in great hands, both figuratively and literally. I was eventually fitted with two oral appliances, one to use during the day and one for sleep. They were fine tuned to perfection.

It is now 3 months later, my headaches are very infrequent and I no longer use the CPAP machine. A recent sleep study indicated that the oral appliance was effective in “controlling my obstructive sleep apnea” and snoring was also very minimal.

I feel that I am extremely fortunate to be in such great care.

“If it wasn't for him, I would never have gotten the relief that I am now experiencing.”

Not quite 11 years ago, I met Dr. DiStefano for the 1st time after 30 years of migraine and tension headaches. I would get 2 - 3 migraines a week and tension headaches almost daily. Over the years, I had seen several different doctors and chiropractors, used various migraine medications, been to headache clinics, had Botox injected into my neck and shoulders, received physical therapy and even acupuncture. I learned to function with the headaches as a part of my daily life. Nothing gave me continuous relief. I would get some temporary relief, but the headaches always managed to come back full force.

After my initial examination by Dr. DiStefano, he said that I had TMJ and suggested an appliance to help keep my jaw in place. Braces were also suggested since my teeth alignment was off and causing my jaw to be dysfunctional. I nixed the idea of braces because I thought I was too old, sowe went with the appliances. We tried a couple of different kinds and I had some relief cutting down the migraines to a couple a month and the everyday headaches would come and go. There were lots of adjustments of the appliances and Dr. even suggested a look at my diet, thinking that something more was causing the pain. He never gave up on me.

After about 8 years, my bite was getting worse, I had trouble chewing my food and the headaches were back full force. Finally, I agreed to braces. Dr. DiStefano worked closely with my orthodontist, providing more appliances to keep my jaw in place during treatment. The migraines improved and, eventually, the every day headaches. I have had the braces off for over a year and a half and I've probably had only 2 migraines in that time. I still wear a retainer and an appliance at night to keep everything in place.

Dr. DiStefano does not take the credit he deserves. If it wasn't for him, I would never have gotten the relief that I am now experiencing.

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